Working With Imported Animations in Unity

Dennisse Pagán Dávila
3 min readMar 1, 2023

Whether you got your animations from the asset store or another 3rd party, you will need to duplicate your animation in order to use it. This is because imported animations are write-protected which impedes certain things like Events or Timeline usage.

Objective: Learn how to fix the “animation is read-only” issue from imported animations in Unity.

Table of Contents

· Duplicate the Animation
· Verifying that your Animation is Fixed
· The Result

Duplicate the Animation

All you need to do is select your animation object and find the actual animation within it.

You can recognize an animation by this triangle shape:

After you duplicate the animation, make sure to rename the animation so that it’s easy to distinguish from the other.

Verifying that your Animation is Fixed

You can confirm if your duplication is correct by checking this segment in your Inspector.

Select your duplicated animation → Scroll down in your Inspector → Click the two horizontal lines at the bottom.

If your character looks like this in that segment —

and not like this —

Then you got it right. You should be good to go after that!

The Result

Your Animation Window should go from this —

to this —

You will also be able to use your animations in Timeline.

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