Every project starts in a pre-production phase. Essentially, this is a vital first step that determines the nature of your game project, and the collective strategy to accomplish it. In this process, all necessary preparations must be completed before development can begin. It is important to note that changes can happen at any point of the development cycle but it is more likely that the biggest changes will happen during this phase. As such, pre-production is one of, if not the most volatile phase of the development cycle. Think of your project as a living organism — ever-changing, ever-adapting, but…

The Unity Engine enables easy prototyping by allowing users to intuitively create low-cost primitives that can be fully powered and detailed by scripts. This is extremely essential during the pre-production stage of a game, which will be explored in the next article. For now, let’s take a look at the process to transition from prototype to actual works of art!

From prototype to 3D art game asset

The iterative spawning of objects can be an essential part of core game loops. However, there are times in which the instantiation of such game objects outweighs the rate at which they are eliminated and will eventually lead to a cluttered Hierarchy.

Now, imagine you could neatly store your instantiated objects in a box, so…

Instead of seeing this

Anyone who has programmed in Unity knows that sooner or later you’ll end up amassing a considerable amount of code in your Update Function. After all, Update is a function called every frame which makes it an extremely helpful tool for programming! However, sometimes we need more precision and customization than Update allows. Sometimes, we need coroutines.

What are coroutines?

A coroutine is a function that is executed in intervals. Simply put, you may tell a function to pause and wait for a condition or action to take place before proceeding. …

When programming, our scripts need to interact with one another, have references to game objects, and move data around efficiently. In this article, we will explore how to effectively communicate between two scripts using GetComponent.

Imagine you want to access a variable or method from Script A, and call it from Script B. In order to do this, we need to create a reference to the desired script.

Colliders are added to GameObjects to reflect their physical structure and to simulate real-world physics.

The Unity Engine has intricate physics capabilities that simulate real-world forces such as gravity, velocity, and acceleration.

How can I add physics to my object?

Physics can be applied to an object through the use of a Rigidbody Component.

The concept of talking to a rubber duck might seem completely absurd and hilarious, so you might be surprised to find that programmers of all calibers have been using this method for decades. The name is a reference to a book called The Pragmatic Programmer in which there is a story where a programmer debugs his code by forcing himself to explain it to a rubber duck line-by-line. This concept is closely linked to the Feynman Technique, one of the top learning methods on a global scale.

So, why the rubber duck?

No, you don’t have to start carrying a rubber duck around, in fact…

A cooldown is a time in which a weapon’s capacity or use is unavailable or decreased. In video games, weapons are added cooldown systems to balance out the gameplay with the amount of power given to the player vs the obstacles they face. Some modern games add it as a sense of realism to simulate real-life firearms.

How are cooldown systems made?

Essentially, we are controlling the fire rate of our player’s weapon. The fire rate refers to how often a weapon can fire or launch its projectiles. …

Dennisse Pagán Dávila

An ambitious creative writer, and video game narrative designer on a journey to become a Unity Game Developer, and Sofware Engineer.

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